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Why the door keeps reversing?

The garage door will reverse if there is something under the door. That means that the garage door opener sensors work fine according to our garage door experts. Though, if the floor is clean and this is a false alarm, you might need to adjust the sensors or protect them from direct sun lighting.

How the Liftmaster internet getaway system works?

This new system will help you operate the garage door from a distance. It is based on a small device and you'll just need to have access to the internet through a computer or smartphone. You'll connect with this device and then to your garage door opener. So, you can check, open and close the door.

Are roll up garage doors equally strong?

The power and resistance of garage doors do not depend on the type of door but on the material. Of course, a roll up garage door can be equally strong as any other type of door according to our garage door repair company. So, it's best to concentrate on the right choice of materials.

Should I get aluminum or wood frames?

Undoubtedly, wood is classier and can add extraordinary elegance to your garage door but it's also very sensitive and will eventually warp. So, when you are taking serious decisions about the frames of your garage door or its windows, it's best to choose aluminum frame. It's stronger and will definitely last much longer.

What should I do if my garage door has been broken into?

First of all, repair your garage door and install additional locks. If you must and if you can afford it, replace the entire system with a thicker and heavier garage door with strong security features so that the incident would never happen again. If not, there are other security upgrades you can choose from.

What materials are garage doors made of?

At present, garage doors are made of wood, aluminum, steel, and fiberglass. Each of these materials offers numerous benefits. However, steel and wood doors are considered the most popular choices by homeowners. If you are looking for a door for your home, contact our experts  and they can definitely help find the right one that suits your needs and preferences.

Are all noises a bad sign?

The simplest explanation for garage door noises is when parts need to be lubricated. Absence of lubricants makes them noisy. The problem is not alarming but still garage door parts are ruined without lubricants. The noise might also indicate track dents, loose fasteners or damaged springs. If you need assistance in zip code, call our company.

Garage Door Repair Canton

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