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How To Stay Safe From Threats Posed By Garage Door

11/30/2013 Back To Blog

It does not matter whether you are using electric garage door or manual garage door. All types of garage doors have the capacity to cause injuries which will be evidence in all your life. If it is not a scar, then definitely it will be something else. Here are very simple ways to follow where your safety is guaranteed.

Never attempt to repair a broken spring or cable

Normally the spring and cables are always under extension. In case there is a broken garage door spring never attempt to repair it. This is because, you may lack the skills needed to handle a broken spring in case it suddenly snaps. Another thing is that you may lack protective clothing that protects you from unexpected strike from a broken spring or cable. In order to stay safe always call a professional who will aid you in repair or replacement of broken spring or cable.

Make sure that no one is underneath while closing the garage door

Some people have a habit of closing their garage door without looking if there is anything underneath it. Adults should make sure that their children are not close to the garage door while the door is in motion. This can be achieved by teaching the children that it is very dangerous to stand near the garage door when it is in motion. The children will grow knowing how to maintain their safety through what they learn and see from their parents. Through this, it is made sure that injuries from garage door are minimized.

Avoid placing hands and finger in moving garage door parts

Moving parts such as rollers and garage door bearings have the capacity to cause serious injuries. For example, if a person places his fingers on the rollers the fingers may end up getting crashed making you endure an imaginable pain not to mention losing your fingers. You should make sure that no one is touching anything while the garage door is in motion. By doing this you get to avoid injuries which can land you in hospital to recuperate.

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